Marilyn Monroe: TAPFER LIEBEN. Ihre persönlichen Aufzeichnungen, Gedichte und Briefe (2010) Marilyn Monroe´s diaries, poems and letters

What a find. After all these years Marilyn Monroe’s diaries, poems and letters have been found. The German market is the first to publish this sensational book. I am really enthusiastic about is as I am a great admirer of Marilyn Monroe and have always been. The book contains diary entries, poems and letters in English and German translation. None other than one of my most beloved writers the Italian Antonio Tabucchi has written the foreword. We can discover how sensitive, vulnerable and intelligent the tragic actress was.

There are many photos in this book and pictures of the original pages on which she wrote and scribbled or drew. Some of the notes have been taken on random bits of paper like bills and the like.

Apparently the photo below was her own favourite one.

4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe: TAPFER LIEBEN. Ihre persönlichen Aufzeichnungen, Gedichte und Briefe (2010) Marilyn Monroe´s diaries, poems and letters

  1. Do you know I’ve never seen a single Marilyn Monroe film. For a long time I time I wouldn’t watch older films, but now I do occasionally. I’m surprised this has not yet been published here as well as I know it would probably sell very well. Isn’t it nice to find something like this when you have a great interest! By the way–I like your new blog format! As you can tell I’ve been behind things and am now just catching up on blog reading (well-I read from google reader but don’t always get out to comment right away!).

    • It came out yesterday and a friend got it for me as it is my birthday. It is not published yet anywhere else. I have a whole collection of books about her, watched almost evry movie and wanted to write a novel about her but the Joyce Carol Oates did it. Maybe I will still do it. If you ever want to watch one, try Niagara. She is brilliant in The Misfits but in Niagara she looks so astonishing. Thanks – about the blog format- I tried and tried as I wasn’t happy with the old one and then I found this and thought- that’s it, not too much black but not white only. I am just about to find out what it is like to write and read other blogs as well… So no worries.

  2. The next issue of Vanity Fair is going to have a cover story on her and her diaries–I’ve not yet seen it, but I plan on buying it as soon as it’s out. I’ve always been interested in her, but I have never gotten around to reading anything about her. I will add those movies to my Netflix queue, too, thanks.

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